The longest journey of life, in our body, is represented by the path from the mind to the soul.

The lack of connection between mind, body and soul, the removal of any of these 3 components from the daily life is a secure path to illness. We often talk about neuroplasticity without considering our expectations are too high. How much time do we allocate daily for the health of soul, body and mind? How do we carry out the maintenance of this organism that we want to use from dawn till dusk, without looking at it, feeling it, experiencing it, listening to it, hearing it, giving it the attention it needs in order to transform it into our ally?

Many children, teenagers, adults and elders have become performance athletes in self-escape. In this rush to nowhere we forget to live, we forget ourselves, we forget to be part of our time, our life, our priorities.

How do we develop Mind-Body-Soul harmony, how do we invest in mental, physical and emotional health, if we do not know the results of medical tests that could create a coherent picture of our needs?! How do we integrate development without knowledge? This trend of personal development on all three segments, Mind-Body-Soul, does not have a sustainable foundation, it is only an illusion as long as we do not know our metabolic particularities, our individual daily needs.

Integrating individual responsibility is essential when we want to consider our health a personal value and have a clear goal related to quality of life, length of life and, implicitly, longevity.

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