Alina Epure

Founder of Nutribalance, Doctor of Medicine

I am a woman who had the chance to combine passion, soul, the love for people, the desire to help and science in my daily professional activity.

In a world where the apparent lack of time takes us away from ourselves, from our well-being and from our health, I want to build the foundations of lifestyle education, to make precision medicine and personalized nutrition a personal value for each of us.

I believe that health is the result of everyday behavior, it is the greatest wealth that each of us can have, but at the same time it is a choice, which we take as an investment or an expense. We can be present in the 4 basic pillars of lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, exercise, positive social connections) so that we are in our best shape.

I am a Doctor of Medicine, specialized in nutrition biochemistry, nutritional therapist, Health Coach Practitioner, member of ESPEN, member of The Nutrition Society, graduate of educational programs supported by Amen University, Harvard Medicine School, Colin Campbell and collaborator at prestigious medical clinics such as Palazzo Fiuggi, Viva Mayr, Life Co.


About Nutribalance

It is a concept through which I aim to help people lead a balanced life, to be in their best shape, to invest in longevity through the synergy between nutrition, nutrigenetics and epigenetics.

Nutribalance is a project that supports nutritional education and builds the foundations of longevity and vitality, through the impact of nutrition on mental, physical and emotional health.

Nutribalance is a personalized medicine concept and has over 15 years of experience in biochemistry and longevity field. It uses the latest technologies and innovations from the scientific medical world and represents the start for the mind-body-soul harmony.