This new, innovative concept in medical nutrition, developed by Alina Epure with passion and science represents a fusion between biochemistry and nutrition.

It is essential to understand how every piece of food, every glass of water, every thought, every action, every interaction, every supplement, every hour of sleep, every hour of sports activity influences blood chemistry and how we can, through these modern tools, invest in prevention, vitality and longevity.

Nutrition biochemistry is based on investigating each person’s unique metabolic characteristics and adapting the lifestyle through diet, exercise, sleep, attention to the soul in order to integrate emotional health so that each person’s potential is reached according to individual needs. The nutrition biochemistry brings to the fore the importance of defining one’s own nutrition plan, strategy, tools, starting from the genetic substrate, medical history, personal goals, giving each organism the chance to redefine itself on the road to longevity.

Personalized medical nutrition

Health has no fashion, only applicability. It’s not complicated, not the trendy diets with “promising” results are the way to a balanced and healthy body, but the understanding that beyond trends and diets, everybody needs a personalized lifestyle plan. Each of us has a metabolic particularity, on individual level, neglected due to lack of knowledge, time, budget, space. Access to clear, coherent information adapted to each individual’s needs, specific evaluations, medical investigations recommended for each individual case, these represent the secure path to a healthy, long-lasting life, free of medical risks and with the chance to be in the best shape.

Longevity - healthspan + lifespan

According to the latest discoveries, we will live 147 years. But much more important is how we live, what is the quality of our life, how can we enjoy each day, so that we are not a burden to ourselves and our loved ones, through a continuous degradation mentally, physically or emotionally. Personalized medicine requires a dietary discipline adapted to lifestyle, medical history, food preferences, genetic components which can give us a personalized, coherent, long-term nutrition plan, thus avoiding borrowed solutions  not adapted to our own needs, which can sometimes bring major imbalances in our metabolism. By knowing the nutrition biochemistry, each of us has access to specific foods, with functional and therapeutic role on individual level, to live harmoniously and healthily in a world where diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, cancer seem to be part of normality.

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