Brain nutrition

From waking up to going to bed we are preoccupied with accumulating information, accessing it in different contexts throughout the day, without asking ourselves simple questions about how we should feed our brain so that we can easily make it from potential to performance. We are born with tremendous potential, but it is our lifestyle that helps us or not, to achieve our individual performance.

The brain is the most used organ in everyday activity, it is the one that conditions and coordinates proper functioning, from head to toe. Performance comes primarily from the plate. A devitalized brain creates context where cravings, addictions, induced needs define our food profile, our daily choices, blocking our chance to be in our best shape.

Brain health, especially for cognitively active people should be a concern, especially for specific investigations to understand the reserves we have to access day by day on the pathway from potential to performance.

Nervosity, agitation, anxiety, depression, ADHD, compulsive choices are the image of a starved brain, a brain that is forced into a schedule without being given the right fuel, the right breaks, the right food, the right relaxation, the right recovery, the right rest, the right detoxification, the harmony needed to be at its best.

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